Search Engine Friendly Web Design for Beginners

Every website needs a steady flow of web traffic states Charleston SEO champions at onQsites. It is not possible for a website to continue for long period without attracting enough traffic. The basic aim behind search engine optimization (SEO) is to give enough popularity to the websites and thereby to attract required traffic.

Charleston SEOEvery webmaster wants his site to be search engine friendly, at the same time attractive to the human eyes too. If a website is ranked at the top positions in the search engine ranking the possibility of attracting visitors is more when compared with that of websites having lower rankings.

So the basic thing is to create websites that are search engine friendly. Creating a search engine friendly website is not a daunting task, but it has to take some efforts. This article gives an insight on the points that have to be remembered for creating a search engine friendly website.

Tip #1: Proper Selection of Domain Name and Layout
The domain name of your is of great significance. Search bots give special importance to the site name besides that the visitors can also get a rough idea of what they can expect when they look at the domain name. The layout of the site also has to be done with great care. The site should have a perfect linking structure and can have all the main links directly from the homepage.

Tip #2: Make Use of External CSS Style Sheets
Making use of external style sheets is considered as a great idea because it reduces the overall complexity of the site. This ensures efficient crawling by search engines. So make sure to include CSS files in your site. If possible making use of CSS tables would be a better idea than traditional tables.

Tip #3: Forming and Naming of Files
The names of the file can be based on title tags which is normally the most important keyword. This also helps in better search engine position of those keywords.

Tip #4: Hosting of the Site
Selecting a hosting provider who offers 99% up-time guarantee ensures that your site will be reachable to spiders all times. Also make sure that you’re your web hosting server supports an HTTP header.

Tip #5: Proper Balancing of Graphics and Content
The search bots can see only plain HTML code. So it is very important to reduce using too much graphics on your site. So always try to maintain a proper balance between graphics and content.

It’s possible for you to make your site search engine friendly by remembering the above mentioned points.