Getting Your Business Blog Right from the Start

When it comes to the design of your business blog, our search engine optimization specialists have come up with an outline to help give you a glimpse into the work we offer our clients.

The following story plays out too often in businesses around the world. Then they wonder why sales are bottoming out and they are not growing year after year.

The most alarming fact of all, was that there isn’t any discussion of how the business blog was going to rank with the search engines, yet the design was well under way!!!

There had not been, nor was there likely to be, at this stage at least, any review of the strategic opportunities (and they are considerable), that could be exploited by SEO. There had been zero discussion on possible domain names, key search terms, the role of link trading etc. Why? The answer is simple. The company contracted to design the site has no concept of SEO. It is neither an SEO firm, nor does it have links with an SEO firm.

Our search engine optimization specialists bring decades of experience to the table. The story plays on however;

Several months down the track somebody in this new company would have realized that there was valuable internet traffic that they could exploit. The principals would have come together and asked themselves what could be done about this? They may have even gone back to the company who designed the original site (in reality this company has done nothing unprofessional-they did meet their original contractual obligations), asking them how to accomplish the task of attracting their share of this internet traffic?

The contractor now tells the client that this will require some modification to the website and that they will set up a meeting at which the pertinent factors will be discussed. Hopefully the contractor realizes that in order to meet the company’s new requirements they will need the services of an SEO firm? Now the client is involved in discussions that should have taken place months ago, long before the company was launched.

The client’s focus is disrupted, they are involved in additional expense that could have been avoided and they have a less than positive view of a growth industry that is contributing to America’s global market leadership. When you work with our search engine optimization specialists, all this could have been avoided.

We know from the start how to transform your blog or website so it thrives from day one.