Mystery Fiction Term provides its visitors facts about the term called Mystery fiction. What is mystery fiction?. Is a term that is used as a synonym for crime fiction or detective fiction. It is basically a short story or a novel in which a detective or other professional investigates and solves a mystery of a crime. This term is sometimes limited to the subset of these stories because they emphasize the suspense element and the logical form of solution. These stories are focused on realism and action. This term is usually associated with the crime genre, but in some situations it might be referred to other genres where the focus is thriller or supernatural.

The historical mystery fiction is a subset of the genre, which basically covers life of human civilization from the ancient Egypt to the middle of the 20th century. One of the early works of this genre was on 1819 by an author called E.T.A Hoffman. In 1887 the author name Arthur Conan Doyle had introduced a mystery book called Sherlock Holmes. The stories created by this author are known to be responsible for the popularity of the genre. During the 1920s one of the most popular mystery authors of all time was Agatha Kristie who had risen to fame with her mystery fiction novels.

The Manhattan mysteries is a set of several stories by some of the top writers of the genre. The stories from each author are known to differ widely. The Manhattan mysteries are based on suspense, crime and intrigue from the city of New York. The Edgar Award is one of the famous mystery fiction awards, where they honor the best literature, film, television, theater and non fiction production or publish during the year. This gender is known to be divided in several categories which are the following: Traditional mystery, medical thriller, cozy mystery, legal thriller, hardboiled and police procedural.

Some of the most famous mystery books are the following: 1- A Fatal Grace (2007), 2- Storm Track (2001), 3- Blood Hollow (2005), 4- City of Bones (2002), 5- Victims (1984), 6- Angle of Attack (1979), etc. A list of various popular mystery authors are: 1- Ginny Aiken, 2- Sheila Connoly, 3- Margaret Murphy, 4- Peter Robinson, 5- Georges Simenon, 6- L.R Wright, etc. Here, at you will find all information regarding mystery fiction.

Erotic Fiction is the name provided to the fiction that handles sexual themes or sexual performance. Another ramification of this genre is erotic fiction with a twist of black comedy, using mundane and daily situations to create a funny scenario for the readers. Times have changed and nowadays people are even daring to purchase and other sexual health products encouraged by these novels.

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